Gnostic Tendencies

Gnostic Tendencies

Gnostic Tendencies collects new and rare material by Andrew Phillip Smith on Gnosticism and lost gospels from over 15 years of research. In addition to articles previously published in magazines such as Fortean Times, New Dawn and The Gnostic, several essays were specially written for this book. An autobiographical preface and introductory chapters help the reader unfamiliar with Gnosticism.

Chapters look at subjects such as:- the soul and spirit • Empathy and Gnosticism • The ancient and esoteric city of Alexandria • Alternative views of Judas • the Gospel of Thomas • Gnostic scriptures • dubious lost gospels and more

Praise for Andrew Phillip Smith:-
“Hans Jonas wrote that in order to understand Gnostic teachings, one needed something like a musical ear whereby to discern the subtleties of this worldview. Andrew Phillip Smith, in addition to his fine scholarship, possesses this musical ear.” Stephan Hoeller, author of Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing

Published August 2017 by Bardic Press, 250 pages ISBN: 978-1906834326


Introduction 1
A Whirlwind Tour of Gnosticism 15
Reading the Gnostics 21
When Is a Gnostic Not a Gnostic 25
Gnostic Scriptures
The Gospel of Thomas 31
The Hard choice: The Authoritative Discourse 73
Obnoxious Gnostics: The Apocalypse of Peter 83
The Gospel of Philip: A Return to Old Pastures 89
From That Blood the First Rose Sprouted’ – On the Origin of the
World 95
An Abundancy of Gnosticism
Soul and Spirit: Colour and Light 109
The Alternative Judas 119
O Ye Sinners! 129
Alexandria, At the Conjunction of the Whole World 137
The Gnosis of Empathy 151
A Glimpse of the Cathars 167
Gospels that Were Never Lost
The Mischievous Secret Gospel of Mark 177
Cod Codices 191
The Gospel of Barnabas 195
Into the Bridal Chamber
Romanticizing the Gnostics 203
Blasphemy: Making Sacred Images into Sacred Cows 207
1, 2, 3 … 213
Myth and History: A Ramble 217
A Face in the Crowd 225
This Compost 231
Ignorant Design 233
Three Christological Natures of the Baby Jesus 235

Thanks to the following backers who crowdfunded publication
of Gnostic Tendencies:-
Especially to Dree Andrea van Mechelen, whose generous
contribution funded the essay ‘The Gnosis of Empathy’
Bill Darlison
Steve Davies
Richard Dengel
Spence Fothergill
Christopher Hill
Stephen P Kelley
Dee Kirwan
Peter Lakanen
Matt Laws
John Mabry
Jean Majeski
Colette Mary Maloney
Sean Martin
Terry Moylan
Simon Niklasson
Gareth Pashley
Frances Prevas
Lainie Petersen
Christopher Rutherford
Gillian Smith
Vance Socci
Roger Voss
Dean Wilson

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